Welcome to Ink in Progress, a blog capturing the adventures of yet another novelist on the way to getting published. You should follow me. I have credentials. I’ve written something before. (I also look like that girl in the sketch, but better. Really!)

Okay, okay, the odds of me succeeding as a published author are right down there with the rest of you procrastinators. After all, you’re sitting here reading this post instead of writing. Right? But that’s a good thing, because this blog isn’t going to be just about how low my wordcount is and how stupid my characters are. It’s going to have some pretty cool features too.

Next week I’m going to start featuring, “Perspectives,” a blog post geared towards helping authors research. In it writers can share what it’s like to work in certain fields, live in certain places, or deal with problems the rest of us just don’t see every day. After all, you can spend all day researching dog grooming, but it takes being a dog groomer to know that the on/off switch on your hair vaccuum never works after the first few months, and that pretty much anything you say sounds sexually inappropriate to non-groomers.

If you’d like to submit an article to me, please contact me at sskid2000 AT hotmail DOT com. I will be happy to post it with a link back to your blog/site.

That’s it for now! Check in tomorrow for a great new blog post. (This one features cannibalistic authors. Really!)