I see a lot of dogs come in and out of the groom salon I work at, and from it I’ve learned one thing. Every breed has its own unique personality, and every dog is a shade of that personality. With that being said, here are my top three favorite breeds of dog, and how they act for all your doggie character needs.

Jack Rustle Terrier
Unless your character is a professional bicyclist looking for a dog that can keep up, s/he probably won’t be prepared for this dog. These dogs are high energy dogs. Their idea of a calm moment is enjoying a victory bowl of water after a triathlon. A Jack Russel kept to the activity levels of a sedentary family will take out its frustration in the form of barking, obsessive chewing, and digging. (All at once even.)

When paired up with the right owner these dogs are the envy of all others. They have firey, dynamic personalities. They’re playful. They’re fun. Match this dog up with your health nuts, adventurers, and crazy kids. Remember, even the frustrated ones aren’t bad. They’re just bored and misunderstood.


You would think more people would own this breed of dog. Greyhounds can be defined by their gentleness, and the aura of mysteriousness that seems to go with them where ever they are at. Despite being well known for their capacity as racing dogs, I am told by the local rescue they are just as happy as an apartment dogs.

If you’re looking for a watch dog, look elsewhere. These dogs are gentle, kind, and reluctant to bark. Pair this dog up with characters that have similar personalities. (And remember when outside its on a leash or in a fenced area!)


Think of this dog as a really big dog in a little dog body. We’re talking Great Dane huge. Their personality depends on how they are treated. If you treat this dog like it is a big dog, it is one of the best dogs in the world to own. If you treat this dog like a little dog, you’re going to have the stereotypical yappy dog everyone thinks of when they hear the word Chihuahua.

Because of their fiesty nature, learning obedience is a must. Because they will go up and slap that Doberman Pincher in the face. (They think they’re big dogs, remember?)

Pair this dog up with confident handlers, or unconfident ones if you’re looking for that yappy biter image.