Things are hopping over at WriteOnCon. I submitted five pages to be critiqued on the forums, and have already gotten three responses back. One of them a return critique! I’m pleased to see how polite and professional people are staying in this exchange of information.

Two out of three critiques were very upbeat, and contained both parts that they liked, and disliked. One sharp eye caught a leftover from a previous draft, where I was removing an old character. Oops! How embarassing! I’ve since changed it in my own draft, and I’m very grateful to the lady looking at it for her thoughts.

Outside the forums there are tons of great videos showcasing authors and editors alike, query critiques, and door prizes! There’s so much to look at and see, I’m not real sure where to begin. All I know is that I’m itching to do one of these in real life. I feel like I’m getting a taste of what I could have if I was only good enough. If I could only write good enough.

I wish I was that good.

Anyway, I know I said it yesterday, but I’ll say it again. Get yourself over to WriteOnCon! You’ll learn so much.