I swear I do have control over my  characters. I’m the author, I decide their every motion. I can force them to produce llama noises if that’s what I want them to do. Unfortunately, what I want is for them to stay true to themselves, and my inner-critic tells me that my characters are not prone to producing llama noises when staying true to themselves.

As everyone knows, the past few days I’ve been stuck on chapter five. There has been no movement forward. None. Zip. Zero. (I could get the thesaurus out for more words but I think you get the idea.) I’ve even been fantasizing about other stories, and writing out a list of theme music for my next novel. My house has never looked cleaner. What does that tell you?

Well I finally figured out why I couldn’t move forward. According to my outline, mom’s not supposed to walk her through the woods. According to Mom however, there is no way her little baby girl is going outside without protection until she’s sure it’s safe.

We have a deadlock. I can’t find a way to write Mom into the scene, and Mom isn’t leaving. Sorry.


Unless of course, something far more sinister is coming in the back door, and she needs to hold the sinister creature off while Elizabeth makes a dash for it. ^^

Now you see why I have this blog. I can’t talk it out with a Writing Buddy, so I talk it out with my readers, because I know awesome people like Carol are out there listening. As I talk, I get ideas, and with the ideas, solutions.

Thank you, all. I know you haven’t even replied yet, but you’re already so helpful. Now, onward!