I come home today with some great racing photos, a whole bunch to say on what it’s like standing on the actual surface of the track while racing machines scream their take-offs around you, and an epiphany.

I am completely, 100% dedicated to writing.

Oh, don’t slap your forehead and ask what took me so long to realize that. I never make any decision, no matter how obvious, until I’m good and sure it’s the one I want to make. Something clicked in my head yesterday, that told me writing is all I want to do for the rest of my life.

But A.M. Kuska, I hear you saying. What about your real job? How will you pay bills? Well you see, that’s why it’s such an epiphany. All those things I’ve thought about doing, but never dared invest into (like contests and conferences) I can do if I just change my attitude a little.

I have no problems working a day job because it has something to do with writing. It pays for it. Further, from this point forward, every time I skip Starbucks or eat leftovers instead of a T.V. Dinner, I will put the money I saved toward writing. It’s gonna be beautiful. ^^

I will keep you updated on my progress with this infrequently, so you don’t all get bored with my sudden new obsession.