I just found this post by the Swamp Witch, and of course, I am now obligated to stand up and point out that NANOWRIMO IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER!!!!!

If you don’t know what it is, National Novel Writing Month is where you attempt to write 50,000 words in a month, starting on November 1st. I’m going to try again this year, although I’m standing at 2 successes in something approaching 6 attempts. I’ve got a great plot bubbling around in my head though:

What if humanity, for the good of the Earth, decided to phase themselves out? Purposefully extinguish the entire species in order to preserve life they see themselves as destroying? A small group of scientists stays behind to observe, and discovers that life without humans isn’t as perfect as they thought…

I haven’t gotten any more on the idea, but hey it’s only august. I’ve got months and months to plan. I want to try working with a detailed outline for once, so I need plenty of time to practice.

Are any of you doing NaNoWriMo? What’s your plot going to be?