Progress on chapter eight, like every other chapter so far, has been slow. I’ve worked on it every day, and have managed to sort it out line by line just like I always do. I thought everything was going well until my husband, trying to get a virus off my computer, restored my computer back to the very beginning of chapter eight.

Yes my friends, a week worth of writing went bye-bye. I cried. Then I did something I’ve never done before. I unplugged the internet so I didn’t have to worry about viruses sneaking onto my computer while I was writing.

I rewrote the entire chapter in thirty minutes, better than it was before, and even started making headway in chapter nine without my butt ever once leaving my computer chair. I tried to use the internet four times during that thirty minute session. Knowing myself, each one of those checks would have lasted at least ten minutes had the internet been on.

It’s so tempting to avoid buckling down and just doing it. I’m not even sure why we call ourselves writers, and say we love writing, when in reality we spend so much time avoiding it.

I think I’m gonna shut the internet off again for a few minutes and see if I can get the new chapter nine outlined…

(Credit: Healingdream for photo)