Like many authors, I tweet my progress on twitter, using the whole ‘need to build a platform’ thing as an excuse. I hang out on the #amwriting tag for the most part, and have never seen anyone I recognize on that tag until just a few days ago.

Lazette Gifford tweeted about an outline, and I came to a screeching halt. “Pardon me,” I tweeted to her, “but are you THE Lazette from Forward Motion?”

For those of you who don’t know, THE Lazette Gifford, owner of Forward Motion got the site from Holly Lisle, the author of one of my top favorite books, Sympathy for the Devil. She also runs Vision: Resource for Writers AND has written my two favorite short stories in the whole world. Yes, I know about her.

She sounded surprised when she responded, “Yes…Do people even read that?”

Oh my gosh. I have read her stories into the GROUND, and have read every single article in the entire enormous backlock of Vision (which is free!) and she wonders if people read it.

So after freaking out and doing hand stands and such, I followed her…and she followed me! It was such an awesome experience to meet this fabulous person who has done so much for the writing industry. If you’ve never been to her website, read her stories, or taken advantage of her free writing help, what are you waiting for? Read! Learn! Grow!