When I left California, I also left behind a knee high stack of unused notebook, and a slightly larger stack of half used ones. I took with me more notebooks than I took actual books, all of them used ones, all of them with the “special lucky” label.

You can always buy a new copy of an old book. Special lucky notebooks have a criteria list. Maybe I’m a little superstitious, but if I need to brain storm, or hit a rough patch in my novel, I won’t trust just any old notebook. I either work in a brand new notebook, or a notebook that meet the following standards:

1. It must have nothing unrelated to writing.

Especially if it is contaminated with mathematics or chore lists. In my opinion, if I used this notebook for mundane tasks, I was procrastinating at the time, and might inadvertently contaminate future works. No thank you.

2. I have to have at least one really good idea while working with that notebook.

If I’ve had a good idea before, chances are I’ll have another one. The more ideas I have with that notebook, the luckier it is. ^^

3. No one else can have written in it.

Unless of course it’s a writing buddy.

Well that’s my superstition for the day. What’s yours?