I still love it, but now I’ve got more reason to love it than ever before. It’s the charm of having an instant book in my hands, whenever my faulty memory reminds me of that book I always promised myself I’d read one time.

Take for example, the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich. My friends have been reminding me to read this series for years. Every time I decide to buy one, it always happens the same way. I forget to write myself a reminder note, go to the bookstore, forget what the book is called, what the series is, and end up in the cooking section looking at books on fruit and wondering why.

I come home, and sure enough I remember, but I don’t want to order on Amazon cause it always looks like my box has been drop kicked all the way from the post office to my house. (It’s personal. When hubby orders things the box looks new.)

My faulty memory sparked today, the wires temporarily fused together, and suddenly I remembered Stephanie Plum! I dashed over to the computer, plugged my book in, and looked in the e-reader store. It popped up, offering me the chance to read this long sought after book for only $8. Of course I took it.

Then I read the whole thing, and loved every page. Why is a seperate blog post picking apart the skills of AMAZING authors and why they work. In fact, I think that should be our next group project.