A few days ago, I decided I would inflict upon myself a writing bootcamp. It seems like all I’ve done since the beginning of this blog is report on how things are not going well on chapter 3…4…5…6…and so on. It’s not that things go bad, it’s just that I take forever to get a chapter done. Yesterday I sat in my chair and forced myself to finish chapter nine.

There! I thought to myself. I’m just being lazy. When I’m not dodging writing and actually doing it, things go a lot faster! I turned triumphantly to chapter ten, and then turned right back to chapter nine because I had to fix it. Nothing happened in the entire chapter. I completely missed the fact that Elizabeth has had no less than four major tramatic experiences (including kidnapping) and not one single mental break down. I was so busy trying to force myself to finish the chapter so I could finish the draft, that I missed the point of editing in the first place. Now I’ve got to rewrite the chapter again. This time carefully.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that forcing yourself to write only works on the first draft. What do you think?