Before I started writing stories, I vented my need for creativity in the form of roleplay. If you’re not familiar with roleplaying, it is where you make up a character, and pretend to be that character on a forum. The first post on the thread of the forum would tell you the situation your character was in, and each person playing would take turns telling the story from their character’s perspective.

The result being I got really good at developing characters. You can give a character a name and a history, but there is nothing like roleplaying to give your character depth. I thought I’d share this with you in a three part series, starting with a “rough draft” so to speak, and culminating with us doing a small roleplay with our characters. Here’s how we begin.

Fill out the following form, with a character. It doesn’t matter who, but I suggest a new one so you aren’t clogged with old history:

Eye color:
Hair color:
Lives in what country:
Lives in what state/province:
Lives in what sort of house/apartment/etc:
Special skills:
Greatest strength:
Greatest weakness:

I’ll post mine in the comments, so we can all keep track of the characters. 🙂