Im the first installment of this three part series, I asked you to fill out a form describing your character. You’ll notice that very little of it was physical description.

Think about it. How often are you going to describe your character to the reader? Will you mention Mom’s green eyes, or the macaroni noodle necklace that defines her? Will you mention Mr. Cool’s brown hair, or the sunglasses he wears even at night? Except for learning about the character for yourself, how much good will it do you to have physical description seperating your characters?

This part of the workshop is going to work on making your characters unique in a way that will be usable through your entire manuscript. Your assignment today is to come up with a mannerism, a way of speaking, or anything non-physical that easily identifies your character. The big test will be tomorrow. As always, my quirk will be in the comments. ^^