This morning began like every Sunday, with me taking my dog to agility. I spent the morning blissfully romping in an arena with the puppy, nothing outside of the arena except a dusty old barn and mile after mile of sheep.

As soon as I got in the car, technology took over. My phone bleeped, telling me I had an e-mail asking me for a writing article. While my husband drove home I’d typed out a speedy reply on my phone, and hastily began searching for information on the topic through my google connected droid.

When I got home I went to my computer and wrote out the article, sent it, and turned for entertainment to…my e-reader. An alternative choice would be the TV, or nintendo, or wii, or a great number of other things that all involve a screen.

It made me wonder. We want to escape so badly, yet we escape away to just another screen. Escape my phone by playing on the computer? Escape my computer by watching TV? What?

My head is pounding from staring at all these screens, and then it hit me…I’ve still got my notebook.

I am going to go spend an hour wallowing in the one thing I own that doesn’t have a screen attached to it. I suggest you try it too. Go ahead! Unplug!