A million years from now, scientists are going to find one of my notebooks perfectly preserved, and pull it from my house.

Scientist one: English alphabet. Very ancient. Can you read any of it?

Scientist two: Well…the writing is a bit sloppy…

Scientist one: I’m pretty sure that says “has to”, but what does E mean?

Scientist two: I have no idea, it appears to be a name of some sort….

Knowing my luck, it ends up in a museum somewhere with the title, “undecipherable text” and no one would ever figure out that handwriting takes too long if you spell out the entire name of your character EVERY time.

What does your notebook look like? Could it stand in for an almost final draft, your thoughts are so precise? Is it sloppy and all over? Do you ask a lot of questions? Do you even have a special writing notebook?