National Novel Writing Month begins November 1st, and I need your help. For the past two years I’ve competed in NaNoWriMo while in Washington. These past two years I have also failed. I made it to 10,000 and 15,000 respectively. This year I want to win, but I need help keeping myself honest and actually writing the 1,667 words a day I need to succeed.

My story this year is going to be about two civilizations that live in the dragon lands. The only two civilizations who can. One group consider the dragons sacred, the other group considers them sport to be hunted.

My main character loses her dragons to the slayers, but finds out he is still alive, and being held for a major ceremony that makes a prince into a king. She sets out to save her dragon, and probably falls in love with the prince and rights all wrongs in the process. I’m kind of fuzzy on the details right now. ^^

I will post regular updates on where my word count is, and where it should be. If you see me falling behind, crack a whip! Yell! Do something!

Oh, and in other news… The Written Connection now has its own domain, which forwards you to its current address. You can see it here: annnnnd, we have a couple more additions to the blog directory! Yay!