I thought I’d share some pictures of Rocco doing his thing. ^^ I’m so proud of my puppy and how far he’s come in the past few weeks. We’ve only had 8 lessons, but he can run a course now, and he does really good as long as I don’t get lost! This first picture is him on the catwalk. I used to be so afraid he’d try to jump or fall off, but he never does. He’s so brave!

Rocco loves the A-frame, but he’s not supposed to be just standing there! He climbed right up to the very top, and decided it was a nice view and just looked around. Sheesh Rocco, this is a timed event! At least he’s better here then on the teeter totter. He’ll do the teeter. Crawling on his elbows. With his eyes shut. >.<

Competition height is a lot higher than this, but since Rocco is only 10 months he’s not allowed to really jump. We can’t wait until he’s old enough to get points for these endeavors, but we love practicing anyway! The feedback is also great. Right after this picture we have a jump and a tunnel, and Rocco kept going for the tunnel when I asked for the second jump. One of the people also running the course was kind enough to point out I needed to switch sides to tell him that!

Rocco loves the pause table, which shocks me considering how full of energy he is. I should probably also mention that in a real competition Rocco would not be allowed to wear a collar, or if he does it has to be a trial collar with no tag.

Rocco is doing really good for his age, but the problem with having a puppy is…when he gets tired he just goes to sleep! I had to take him out early yesterday because he fell asleep and couldn’t seem to do more than stumble around after the first few rounds. >.<

Silly puppy.