My mother-in-law introduced me to a lady at her art club on Sunday, specifically because…she’s a writer! A real one. Not just a hobby writer, but a real live writer. Not only that, she owns a critique circle. A real one. With other real writers.

I am not alone!!!

She invited me to go to the meeting yesterday, and of course I accepted. My first chapter was read there, and I made a discovery. I love my first chapter. After I believe 9 complete rewrites of the first chapter and four or so revisions of each version before rewriting again…that’s a big deal. This is The One. This is the chapter I want people to read when they first pick up the book.

Don’t let me disillusion you of course. It still needs a tiny bit of polishing, and the wonderful people at this critique circle were kind enough to point out the ones I didn’t jot down myself.

We all agreed a bit more detail in the beginning would be nice. I mean you don’t even know she’s in a temple until the 4th paragraph. I fixed that. Also some grammatical references were caught, and the imaginary words I am pulling from the story were still there in a few places.

All in all I had a wonderful time! I hope I get to come back next month. These people are so fun! ^^