I said I was giving up on novels, but in my defense, I also said I was gonna finish my current manuscripts first. I don’t know what happened yesterday, but it struck me that the obvious way to resolve almost every issue involving A Mage Without Magic is to try writing it backwards.

Yes, that’s right, backwards.

You see, I love getting my characters into trouble, but I’ve never been all that good at getting them out of trouble again. Last night, I woke up around midnight, with the perfect vision of how the last chapter of my story would go, and I wrote all 1,500 words of it the second I had the thought.

Of course, that leaves how she got to the point she’s at, but at least I know who is with her in the end and who isn’t. ^^ Makes the rest of the story a lot easier, since most of my writing involves a whole lot of stumbling around in the dark.

1,500 is also the most I’ve ever written on any story all at once, so no laughing at how little it is. I’m so proud of myself!

Now seeing as that worked, let us see if I can figure out which of my characters wants to control a whole bunch of mages, and how s/he gets stopped.