May 1st, 2006 marked my first day as an official writer. I swore to myself before I left the safety of my parents house, I would give being a full time writer a shot. On this day, I commited myself to writing two new short stories every month, editing two stories from a previous month, and double-checking/submitting edited stories from the month before that. It’s one of the first promises I made to myself that I actually followed through on.

Almost one year to the day later, I got my first publication. Then the people wanting to publish my work seemed to explode like popcorn under my feet. The more/better my credentials became, the better things got.

When I moved to Washington, I made another big commitment change. I decided to leave the short story world, and try my hand at novels instead. For those of you tired of the marathon vs. sprinter analogy, it’s kind of like shaping bonsai trees all your life and then moving on to growing record breaking pumpkins.

This post here reminded me of that dark time floundering between two different styles. I ran out of plot at 25,000 words on my first draft because in short stories detail is minimal. Not to mention you only focus on one thing at a time. Not to mention there are no sub plots. Not to mention…you get the idea.

Writing a novel has been interesting, and I believe I’m going to enjoy writing them every bit as much as I enjoy short stories–once I figure out the writing process.

How do you feel about short stories vs. novels?