Starting a writing related blog didn’t sound like such a big deal, until I hit the “play” button. I started writing blog posts at the beginning of July, and had 35 or so ready to put up by the time I officially opened the blog. Then it felt like the second I started my writing time got sucked into blog land.

I’m not complaining. If it were really the blog I’d just shut it down. The blog just happened to be a great excuse to not work on what ever difficult scene was bothering me. Its so easy to tell myself I’m building a following, when all I’m really doing is hanging out with the people I know and love: Other writers.

Why write when you can talk about writing?

And it’s not as if I’m not actually writing. I’ve written 140 words so far, just typing out a new blog post. All these excuses are true, but they’re still just excuses. I realized that when I found new blog post ideas taking priority over how Elizabeth escapes from her airport nightmare.

I sat down at this point, and started reorganizing. New blog posts are to be written on weekends only. (I’ve got ten zillion of them waiting their turn to go up. It’s not like there won’t be a daily subject anyway.)

Comments now take up my morning, and writing has been moved to the evening. I kind of like that, because if I sleep in I’m not losing real writing time, and I don’t have to recheck my work for things I wrote in a sleep deprived stupor.

What’s your secret for keeping your writing life organized? Please share!