As those of you who read my Body of Art post know, I entered a competition with a hoodie decorated with a reading theme. (Shameless advertisement: It was advertising a free online novel I wrote, more on that some other time.)

Only two people entered the contest, and despite the many, many people who said they would vote for me…I lost. It didn’t bother me that I lost, and the good people at the store were kind enough to give me a consolation prize, or some drawing that came from entering, or something like that. Cool beans. Free markers!

Well I forgot all about it, until this morning when I got a call. Apparently they made a mistake, I’m the actual winner. They failed to tally online votes, sticking with in-store votes only.

Which means…what? I’m not sure. Except that I really think they should count all the votes before passing out prizes. You know?