I just died and went to heaven.


My mother-in-law introduced me to a lady at her art club on Sunday, specifically because…she’s a writer! A real one. Not just a hobby writer, but a real live writer. Not only that, she owns a critique circle. A real one. With other real writers.

I am not alone!!!

She invited me to go to the meeting yesterday, and of course I accepted. My first chapter was read there, and I made a discovery. I love my first chapter. After I believe 9 complete rewrites of the first chapter and four or so revisions of each version before rewriting again…that’s a big deal. This is The One. This is the chapter I want people to read when they first pick up the book.

Don’t let me disillusion you of course. It still needs a tiny bit of polishing, and the wonderful people at this critique circle were kind enough to point out the ones I didn’t jot down myself.

We all agreed a bit more detail in the beginning would be nice. I mean you don’t even know she’s in a temple until the 4th paragraph. I fixed that. Also some grammatical references were caught, and the imaginary words I am pulling from the story were still there in a few places.

All in all I had a wonderful time! I hope I get to come back next month. These people are so fun! ^^


Posting Issues.


I’ve been having some technical problems with the website. I think it’s mostly my end, as the internet has been dicey, but I don’t really know for certain. Hopefully this blog post will go through, but I’m keeping it short just in case!

I just read on one of my forums that Nathan Bransford is no longer going to be a literary agent. I have to admit, I’m shocked by this. Nathan was/is popular as a blogger, and while I don’t know what his sales level was, I assumed he was popular as an agent.

I just sort of wonder…what made him give it up? Was something about CNET more appealing? Is he burned out? Is he living in the poorhouse and not willing to admit it?

I don’t know. I’m shocked and sort of grieving. :-/ I wanted to submit to him. Oh well.

Anyone else shocked over this?