EKCarmel suggested this post here to help me through a difficult portion of my story. I was able to write through this piece on my own, but this story has essentially been me wacking my head on every limb on the writer’s block tree all the way down. I figured I’d try it on a far distant future scene I skipped over the first draft because I just couldn’t figure it out.

Ladies and gentlemen, it works. The scene I worked on is a rather complicated escape scene that involves getting through every conceivable barrier I could come up with. Tools? Ha! Strength? Zero. The odds? Pretty close to the same.

Catie Murphy suggested using two pieces of posterboard, and a color code. I used two dry erase boards, since I already have them installed in my office, and unlocked the box to my top secret plotting utensils.



Don’t tell my husband. He will never let me live it down if he sees the five hundred little tiny toys I keep in my desk. I took a deep breath, lifted my dry erase marker, and began writing out what happens in the clusters, section by section. When I couldn’t visualize something, I took Elizabeth (represented by a fingernail sized white llama), Joseph Thundehead (slightly smaller Fox Terrier) and Peter (golden puppy, almost the size of the llama), showed their positions, and gave them pep talks.

I got the whole scene written out, and a clear visual of what was going on. I also came within inches of being busted with my toys. >_> He already knows about the borg cube. There will be no comments about the llama.

I highly recommend you check out this fabulous resource. It really works.