I got a ton of great responses to my post, “Someone give me a kick in the pants. >.<“

For those who haven’t read it, it’s about my attempt at outlining an already completed manuscript, so that I can fix the plot holes without rewriting the entire novel 978 times. It seemed like the entire writing community gathered together to respond, covering every angle of outlining from seat-of-the-pants-never-done-it to 10 step programs on how to outline in style.

I loved all of your responses. In fact, I actually grabbed one of them for my own use. ^^ Today is show and tell: My rendition of Ellie’s sticky note project. Check it out:

First we get our poster board. Hello Mr. Poster board!

Then we add marker, and make it all pretty and girly, cause we’re silly like that. ^^

Then we get serious with…post-it notes!

Wait, does that character really appear in that chapter? Rearrange.

I’m only to chapter 7 in fixing stuff, so I didn’t bother preparing the rest. This is what my project looks like as of now. ^^ I can read the whole thing easily from my desk, which tells me it’s going to be awesome for beating things out while I’m working on the novel itself…don’t have to keep flipping back and forth between pages/documents!

Thanks everyone for your thoughts. This is wonderful!