I found another one of those books today. No, not the kind you may be thinking of. It isn’t badly written. It doesn’t make me groan. I am not being forced to read it. Quite the opposite. These books don’t kill you. They’re just really annoying to get through.

I’m talking about the kind of book that seems to attach itself to your fingers like it was cemented there. Sleep? What sleep? It’s only 2AM. You can fit in one more chapter. Well, maybe another one. And another.

Unfortunately, there are 6 of these horrible books in a row. I have 4 of them. I’ve read 3.5 so far. I was in the bathroom at 3AM last night hiding so I wouldn’t wake anybody while I read just one more chapter.

God help me if someone buys me another from this series. I need to know what happens, but at the same time, I gotta sleep sometime.


On the other hand, I only have 200 pages to go in the 4th book…at this rate, I could have rest of series finished in a couple of days.